2011-2012 Medicare Health Plan ratings according to the National Committee of Quality Assurance (9/20/2011).

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Medicare Health Plan Ratings

State Medicare health plan ratings were assembled from national data collected by the National Committee of Quality Assurance for their annual rankings report. The ratings found here on Medicarehealthplan.org are packaged in a useful and readable format for shoppers of Medicare health plans.

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NCQA's Medicare health plan ratings are based primarily on a foundation of the following:

  • 1. Clinical Performance (including both prevention and treatment) 60% of total score
  • 2. Member Satisfaction 25% of total score
  • 3. NCQA Accredidation 15% of total score

Each one of the categories above have multiple sub-categories, as well as individual measures which are used to compare plan performance.

Each Medicare health plan in given a score between 1-5 in measure

Five Stars Top 10% nationally, and statistically different from mean
Four Stars Top third nationally, (but not in top 10%) with statistical significance
Three Stars Middle third, and not statistically different from mean
Two Stars Bottom third (but not bottom 10%), with statistical significance
One Star Bottom 10%, with statistical significance

Some plans in each state did not provide a sufficient amount of data to be included in the rankings, and are indicated as such.