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About Medicare Plan F Supplemental Insurance

The Cadillac of Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Plan F is a unique Medicare supplemental insurance plan that covers costs stemming from Medicare Part B excess charges. These "excess charges" are charges that a doctor charges above and beyond the amount approved by Medicare for a specified service or procedure. The majority of physicians will accept the Medicare-approved amount as specified in the Medicare plan. Some doctors, however, charge more than this Medicare-approved amount. You are responsible for paying these excess charges in the event that they occur.

Medicare Plan F, also known as a Medigap Plan F, is supplemental insurance available to those enrolled in Plan B that provides coverage for these excess charges. These excess charges can be small, sometimes as low as a few dollars, but other times they can be quite large, such as in the event of an extended hospital stay, costs associated with blood transfusions, hospice care, and other types of Part B care. The Medicare F Plan provides coverage in the event that the Part B policyholder is subject to excess costs. A Medicare Supplemental Plan F covers extended hospitalization for an additional year after Medicare benefits end, in the event of a long term illness or hospital stay, co-payments for outpatient procedures or services as specified in Part B, as well as skilled nursing facility care, Part A deductibles, and any medical emergency help when traveling abroad.

Who Does Medicare Medigap Plan F Make Sense For?

Medicare Plan F is useful for Plan B holders who do not want to be responsible for any excess costs resulting from a potential long term hospitalization or would like to use the Medicare F Plan to save money on excess costs. Those considering traveling abroad for an extended period of time may also want to look into purchasing a Medicare Supplemental Plan F in the case of a travel emergency in a foreign country. Medicare Plan F is just one option that is available to Medicare enrollees that provides the opportunity to save additional money on healthcare costs.

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